Where Did The Game Marco Polo Come From?

Today we’re Exploring! No, we’re not backpacking over the Andes or trekking up the facet of a mountain with some dumb sherpa! We’re on a hunt to search out the origins of Marco Polo! No not the person, who cares about that man, we’re speaking concerning the fun-filled pool game that everybody has performed and loved of their backyards for generations!

Marco Polo is a pool recreation consisting of how ever many individuals you need! There’s at all times one one that is “it”, they preserve their eyes closed your entire time, repeatedly calling out “Marco!”. The remainder of the folks enjoying say “Polo” because the blind “Marco” navigates across the pool looking for them. The object of the sport is to say “Polo” but not get tagged by “Marco”. The hilarity ensues when the inevitable “Fish Out of Water” is caught making an attempt to sneak out of the pool to keep away from being tagged out. It’s an superior recreation for youths and adults alike.


Who Invented The Game Marco Polo?

This recreation is said to the 13th century explorer Marco Polo and was invented across the 1960’s however nobody appears to really know the place or when the primary Marco Polo recreation was first performed. No matter who invented it, the sport has stayed the identical for nearly 60 years.

Everyone loves this recreation, even firms! Geico simply launched a fairly humorous tv industrial that includes youngsters enjoying Marco Polo with Marco Polo, cannot ignore the irony in that.

There is one other correlation to the pool recreation is “Blind Man’s Bluff”, which is basically the identical recreation performed on dryland. Dating again to the 16th Century it was a preferred bar recreation, sometimes appreciated by ladies.  Marco Polo is performed all around the world and is even referred to as “Mermaid on the Rocks” or “Alligator”. Pool video games for generations have modified and have been referred to as various things, possibly even have completely different guidelines, however they’re all primarily based on having a great time with family and friends within the pool. It’s one thing that ties the world collectively. Swimming is liked by principally everybody! Whether it is operating to the yard and enjoying video games within the pool or going to a neighborhood seaside and discovering shells with pals. In the top everybody has enjoyable and it is a time the place everybody’s glad, one thing that is the identical irrespective of the place you go.

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