Olympics Green Diving Pool

Not in Rio for the Summer 2016 Olympics? Neither are we, however after seeing these images – we’re not precisely envious that we aren’t there. It appears like one thing bizarre has undoubtedly occurred to the Olympic diving pool in Rio – just about in a single day divers discover themselves competing in water that had turned from crystal clear blue into an all too acquainted shade of inexperienced. Trust me, there isn’t a one lining as much as soar right into a inexperienced pool with a severe algae drawback.

What are the results of swimming in a inexperienced pool?

Aside from that slimy feeling one will get, the algae itself promotes fast micro organism progress – swallowing, respiratory or coming into contact with these germs can result in many diseases akin to E. Coli, Giardia, and pores and skin rashes. While we’re sure that just a little E. Coli would not deter the likes of Michael Phelps, we will be pleased that every one is correct in his pool. Although after profitable 2 gold medals, you’d suppose he’d look just a little happier.


We requested Vice President of Premier Pools & Spas, Brian Porter: 

“What may they do in Rio to maintain an Olympic sized pool free from algae?” and he mentioned, “I do not suppose the issue is expounded to algae – the water appears clear – simply inexperienced, which leads me to imagine that it is an issue because of oxidized copper”. Well, simply how does oxidized copper flip a pool inexperienced? “Think of the Statue of Liberty’s patina.” mentioned Brian. “When copper is uncovered to water it begins to quickly oxidize. I am prepared to wager it is a problem with copper piping and never algae”.

To reply the query: How does one maintain an Olympic sized pool free from algae? The secret, in accordance with Porter,  “Keep the water transferring! Salt Chlorine mills do a fantastic job at stopping algae progress within the first place.” and at last “Adding an algaecide weekly may additionally assist you to prevent algae from building up in your pool” mentioned Brian.

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